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Cromatipic® sets the new standard in chrome finishing. It is an environmentally friendly technology consisting of only two layers: a UV cured lacquer basecoat with PVD coating on top. No lacquer top coat is needed. Cromatipic® provides a completely different approach from traditional paint and PVD technologies. The technology has many advantages compared to plating on plastics.

IHI Hauzer Techno Coating offers the Cromatipic® technology as part of a turnkey factory including all equipment necessary for an efficient production process.

If you want to discuss what the technology can mean for your specific application, please contact us.

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REACH regulations and directives are controlling the use of hazardous materials and electroplating with its emission of Chromium 6 is not an environmentally friendly technology. However, plating still gives the best results with regard to hardness of the material. If the industry is serious about getting away from plating because of its carcinogenic nature, it should critically judge how important high hardness is for specific products. Do we need maximum hardness or is optimum hardness good enough e.g. for interior products that do not have to withstand rough weather conditions? Cromatipic® is an alternative suitable for interior and exterior parts. It contains no Chromium 6, no solvents, the process is closed in vacuum and healthy for employees. Furthermore, the coating complies with various automotive standards.


Many Plastics

Conventional electroplating uses ABS and ABS/PC as its substrate plastic, although many better or cheaper plastics for specific components can be imagined. Cromatipic® has the future aim to be used on many different plastics. In the automotive industry the use of plastics has grown significantly, due to the need for weight reduction. And ideally the industry wants to use plastics and still retain a shiny metallic look. Cromatipic® makes this possible.


Two Layers

Electroplating traditionally needs several thick copper-nickel-chromium layers to obtain the chrome look. Cromatipic® uses two layers: a UV cured paint base layer and a physical vapour deposition (PVD) layer. No top coat is needed for a bright chrome finish. To enhance surface protection, a transparent plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition (PACVD) layer on top of the PVD layer will be applied in most applications. This can be incorporated together with the PVD process, so only two coating processes will be involved.



Cromatipic® keeps the product flexible. Assembly of chrome parts will be easier and the coating reduces the impact upon collision compared to electroplated parts.


Design Freedom

Cromatipic® enables designers to go out-of-the-box in their design. Using lighting behind the chrome parts will become possible, because in patterns the coating can be removed with laser. Sharp edges can be coated properly. Additionally, the flexibility of the material will widen the scope of design possibilities.



Cromatipic® is a very suitable technology to replace electroplating in the automotive industry. The technology complies with various automotive standards and can be used for interior and exterior plastic parts, such as trim, door handles, dashboard parts, profiles, housings, grills, logo items and many more.

The technology is interesting for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to the automotive manufacturers as well as for plating companies that want to be ready for a future without chromium pollution. Whenever chrome plastic is required, Cromatipic® is the solution. If you want to find out what Cromatipic® can mean for your company, please contact us.

Cromatipic® is also very suitable in industries such as consumer electronics, sanitary equipment and jewellery. Due to its durable and corrosion-free properties, the technology for chroming plastic can be used on many different parts.


An automated factory for Cromatipic® technology consists of five process steps: CO2 cleaning, lacquering, UV curing, PVD coating and spindle / fixture cleaning. Please scroll over the icons for more information.


Cromatipic® is a viable electroplating alternative. It will revolutionize the decorative supply chain for the automotive industry. Electroplating will be phased out in the future, because of the health hazards and polluting nature of chromium 6.

Cromatipic® is a combination of lacquer with a thin layer of metal, that transforms all kinds of plastics into stylish chrome products. After the pre-treatment, lacquer is applied without any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), followed by a chrome PVD coating. No lacquer topcoat is needed. There is no corrosion risk, because of the absence of nickel and copper, excellent adhesion is proven, the thermal stability and resistance to humidity are outstanding and the process complies with the European directives. Cromatipic® is available in the colours bright chrome and satin chrome. Optionally a hydrophobic finish can be applied.

If you want to discuss what Cromatipic® can do for your product, please contact us.

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IHI Hauzer Techno Coating

In Spain, the competence centre IHI Hauzer Techno Coating Iberica has been founded to show potential customers a stable process with competitive operational costs. The competence centre is the result of years of experiences in lacquer application and use of the Metalliner® for inline PVD coating. The competence centre will show that Cromatipic® technology is a leap forward and a realistic technology for replacing electroplating.

The innovative and eco-friendly nature of the technology will be mirrored in the design of the factory. Moreover, we believe that automation is key. The plant is operational since 2017.

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